Nothing comes to mind when trying to compare the feeling of self-accomplishment when talking about Cycle Goals throughout the year, which goes something like this – Critical propulsion method into earlier start times is attending seeded events prior to the bucket list races i.e. CPT Cycle Tour and 947 Cycle Challenge.

So with Dischem Ride for Sight 2018 being a key seeding race it’s not hard to imagine the numbers that pitched on Sunday, roughly around the 6000 mark, 116km and 65km routes were offered and neither one was a walk in the park, now being part of this awesome club Cyloam Cycling its evident that our motto is “Go Big or Go Home”

We graced this event in style, all properly geared and kitted out in our New 2018 club kits, lookalikes to those models on a GQ Magazine!

Special thanks to our generous sponsors

  • APM Terminals,
  • Genesis Supply Chain Services,
  • Innovative Sealing Concepts &
  • Orion ILS Logistics

The club had 10 riders representing, a few opted for the 65km while most of us went straight for the 116km which started out beautiful, well organised chutes, great weather and friendly like – minded people, we cruised through the first 50km with smiles and laughter all round, shouting out our favourite slogan “You can do it!”

Well that was until we hit that 90km, for me it felt like I’ve now consumed all the air inside my lungs, I’ve ripped the skin off my bones and become the Ghost Rider, but nevertheless the sense of euphoria when crossing the finish line was all worth it, we can definitely tick this one off as a cycle goal for 2018

The Dischem Ride for Sight is a cycle event to help restore the gift of sight, a great initiative, raising funds and creating awareness, with saying this I believe the overall winner is finding a cure for Retinal blindness!

Ronald Moodley


Lukasz Imiolo 3:17:31

Donovan Jansen 3:34:54

Sbusiso Dlamini 4:21:50

Reginald Jayanandham 4:30:13

Denver Moodley 4:43:09

Edmund Sunnasy 4:48:34

Ronald Moodley 4:52:27


Wesleigh Lazarus 2:38:24

Llewellyn Lazarus 2:08:33